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Excellent backup and system recovery tool for Macs

Making backups of your Mac should be an easy process, and SuperDuper! understands that perfectly.SuperDuper! creates exact clones of your Mac's hard drive so you have a full backup of all your data, including permissions, user profiles and private...
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  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    no option to select files. did't find any option to choose my files. do i have the option to backup some selected files only

  • by Anonymous

    Absolute life saver!. Clone your drives regularly with this. When your computer fails for whatever reason and you have to send it in for repair, you can take the cloned drive, boot it from another machine and continue working - without interruption whatsoever(!). Once you have your repaired machine back you copy the clone over and continue. The beauty is that you don't have to setup and reconfigurMore

  • by Anonymous

    Works Perfectly! Cloned my HD onto a SSD and works perfectly. Works Perfectly! Cloned my HD onto a SSD and works perfectly. Used it once before to clone my origional drive and it worked. I saved old drive and its a good thing I did, my laptop slipped off table and ruined replacement HD. Slipped in old HD and back up in 10 Min. Purchased new SSD HD cloned from original again, slipped it in and workMore

  • by Anonymous

    it does not work. Why is this program not working? I work with a 1Tb drive and work under esata. My comp. is an Power Mac G5